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Christine Fuller
Grand Ledge Showroom Consultant

Phone: 517-622-8696

I have an extensive career of 27 years in showroom sales. I have been consulting with Infusion Kitchen and Bath Showrooms by Etna for almost 17 years of that career. It is my pleasure to work with Infusion as I have come to learn that are so family oriented. One reason I love fulfilling this role is if you work hard you learn something new every day. In addition to showroom sales, I am always willing to help where ever I am needed. My mom is one of my most deep influencers and she always told me to work hard and you can achieve anything. I have lived by this my entire life and it has brought be great success. I am impressed in this role daily by the plethora of ideas, colors, and selections that are throughout the world we live in. I enjoy seeing the emotion in homeowners as they are picking out their fixtures and assisting them in putting together all of the different elements that complete their dream home.

Family is extremely important to me as I have two beautiful daughters and three grandchildren. Working with families to create a house they can make a home is one of my most cherished moments in this line of work. Knowing I was able to help work with them on a space they will create memories in for years to come brings me great joy.