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Victoria and Albert
For kingly bathroom design ideas, Victoria and Albert innovative baths and basins have broken the bath industry mold, and are distributed through Infusion Showroom.

    Bathroom Design Ideas – Victoria and Albert Baths and Basins Fit For a King or Queen

    When it comes to bathroom design ideas, don’t settle for blasé bath fittings. Instead, outfit your bath with glamorous designs from Victoria and Albert, a British brand famous for designing freestanding bathtubs and basins that are fit for the royal family.

    Formed in 1996, this company has quickly won over the world. Known for its unique, global design and values, Victoria and Albert designs luxurious, long-lasting quality products. As innovative industry leaders, Victoria and Albert’s full line of bath fixture and accessory collections inspire the imagination, complementing every décor taste and fancy.

    Infusion Showrooms is proud to carry the entire line of these unique bath and basin products.

    Freestanding bath tub collections include:

    • Premium – The ultimate in Victoria and Albert aesthetic, this collection combines sleek and sophisticated styles with high function.
    • Contemporary – Modern and streamlined, the Contemporary collection suits a minimalist style, building on the traditional roll-top design, but with a twist to the rim, feet, or plinth.
    • Classic – Beautiful and timeless, the Classic tub collection is modeled on original cast iron period designs, reproducing a nostalgic feel of yesteryear with modern material and comforts.
    • Vessel Basins – Available in a diverse range of styles and sizes, choose the perfect vessel basins to complement any freestanding Victoria and Albert bath tub.
    • Faucets – With versions for both bath tubs and basins, faucets come in nickel and polished chrome as a perfect match for any bathroom décor.
    • Accessories – From functional basin traps and drains to luxurious headrests and backrests, a variety of accessories from Victoria and Albert will truly complete your bathroom remodeling selections.

    ENGLISHCAST® – The Secret to Why Victoria and Albert Baths have Erupted in Popularity

    The secret is all in the material. Each tub and basin is hand-finished and formed entirely with ENGLISHCAST®, a signature material developed from finely ground volcanic limestone mixed with resin.

    Naturally superior to common cast iron and acrylic materials, ENGLISHCAST® has high insulation properties and is warm to the touch. Naturally beautiful, the material is also stain resistant, incredibly strong, easy to clean and polish, and long-lasting. Each product comes with a 25 year warranty.

    For bathroom design ideas, Victoria and Albert offers world famous quality craftsmanship that you can see and feel in each hand-crafted fixture. Order any Victoria and Albert fixture today from Infusion Showrooms.

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