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Uttermost Lighting and Accessories
To illuminate the accents of your kitchen remodel, Uttermost radiant light fixtures and home fittings available from Infusion Showroom are truly works of art.

    Kitchen Remodel – Uttermost Utterly Radiant Lighting Fixtures Illuminate the Beauty of Your Home

    Shed some light on your next home remodeling project and illuminate your entire house with gorgeous lighting fixtures from Uttermost. With more than 38 years invested in the business of crafting lighting fixtures and other household fittings, Uttermost is family-owned and a global name in home accessories.

    Adapted from a Biblical passage referencing taking the gospel to the “uttermost part of the earth,” Uttermost fulfills its namesake as the company is dedicated to meeting the highest standards in craftsmanship quality, personal ethics, and industry-wide support.

    From lamps to chandeliers and sconces, Uttermost’s light fixtures are one of their best-selling creations. Hand-finished and original, the light fixtures are available in a wide variety of styles and materials. Whether your personal taste is ornate or simple, or specifically Art Nouveau, modern, antique, Classic European, or Victorian, Uttermost’s creativity shines forth with a style that is perfect for anyone. Each fixture is its own masterpiece and will shine as the focal point of your entire home.

    Diverse materials also mark the uniqueness of each piece. Hand-forged wrought iron and hammered steel, handcrafted porcelain and glass, leather, metal, cast aluminum, cast brass, or cast resin are your choices. And each model is hand-finished using a multi-step process that involves hand-leafing in gold or silver, along with a variety of glazes and stains.

    Uttermost’s absolutely stunning light fixtures include:

    • Chandeliers
    • Pendants
    • Flush Mounts
    • Hanging Shades
    • Sconces/Vanity Lights

    No Home Remodeling Project is Complete without the Finishing Touch

    For Uttermost, lighting fixtures may be popular sellers, but they are truly just the beginning of company’s extensive home fittings selection.

    Each home accessory from Uttermost pairs beautifully with all lighting fixtures:

    • Accent furniture, such as tables, chairs, ottomans, and even pet beds
    • Vanity, round, or shaped mirrors in a variety of finishes
    • Alternative wall décor and art work
    • Clocks
    • Rugs
    • Miscellaneous accessories such as bookends, botanicals, figurines, candle-holders, fireplace accessories and more

    For a home or kitchen remodel, Uttermost has solutions that will turn any interior from dull to divine. For the discerning homeowner who craves class and function, you won’t find a better source for any accessory you could dream of. Find Uttermost’s full line today at Infusion Kitchen and Bath Showrooms.

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