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Consider a Steamist bathroom renovation. With Steamist steam baths and spas, luxury is only as far away as your bathroom door.

    Consider a Steamist Bathroom Renovation and Transport Yourself to Paradise with a Spa In Your Own Home

    Steamist, an industry leader with 50 years of experience in residential and commercial steam baths, develops state-of-the-art designs to offer you, the homeowner, the luxury and benefits of in-home steam baths and spas.

    Installing a steam bath is like installing “therapy for life” in the comfort of your own home with the multiple healthful benefits that steam offers:

    • Soothe and relax sore muscles
    • Provide relief for respiratory and circulatory issues
    • Fuel blood flow and eradicate toxins from your body
    • Hydrate skin, reopen pores, and stimulate collagen production

    At Infusion Kitchen and Bath, you’ll find a complete selection of Steamist steam bath and spa equipment to maximize the therapeutic benefits of steam.

    Steam Bath 101: How a Steam Bath Transforms Your Shower into a Spa

    Turning any master bath into an in-home spa with a Steamist steam shower is surprisingly affordable with a basic steam bath system.

    The Steam Generator is the magic behind any steam bath. Compact in design, it installs almost anywhere, and easily connects to your own shower.

    What can a basic steam bath offer you?

    • Basic controls mounted inside the steam bath for an optimal, personalized experience
    • Controls include an on/off switch, programmable timer, and temperature readout
    • The Steam Head can be ordered separately, helping to distribute steam from all four sides, eliminating hot or cold spots

    Steamist Bathroom Renovation: Add a New Dimension with a Total Sense Home Spa

    The Total Sense Home Spa is installed like the basic steam bath. However, the system utilizes sophisticated technologies that help enhance the benefits and experience of this home luxury, such as InstaMist™, which provides steam in seconds. Also, The Steady Stream™ is a feature that regulates steam output, eliminating temperature change.

    Several spa options available separately also boost the heavenly in-home spa experience:

    AromaSense:. AromaSense from Steamist stores two replaceable essential canisters, allowing you to select the scent of the day without leaving your comfy steam bath. Feel renewed each time you step into your spa with a choice of 5 different aromatherapy fragrances.

    ChromaSense: Give your senses an attitude adjustment with Steamist ChromaSense. Chromatherapy inspires energy, relaxation, and harmony depending on use of color, and ChromaSense adds a dimension to your steam bath you can’t live without. Light fixture finishes include Brushed Chrome, Polished Chrome, and Brushed Nickel.

    AudioSense: Bluetooth technology is the top-tier development in wireless accessibility, and Steamist uses this widespread tech to allow you to enjoy music in your steam shower from any Bluetooth-enabled music player. Combine the power of music and the healing qualities of steam with Steamist AudioSense.

    Controls: Your home spa system wouldn’t be complete without the convenience of digital finger-light touch controls that allow ease of customizability for your spa options, without leaving the comfort of the warm steam. Touch control panels come in a variety of customizable styles, designs, and packages, and can be installed within your steam shower or accessed remotely.

    View all the Steamist products at our Infusion Showroom and treat yourself to a home spa system today!

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