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Oceana Glass Sinks
Be the envy of the neighborhood with unique, hand-crafted Oceana glass bathroom sinks available at Infusion Kitchen and Bath’s online showroom.

    Ocean Glass Bathroom Sinks from Infusion Showrooms: Live Like Royalty in Your Own Home

    Originally founded in 1904, JSG Oceana Glass is located in the historical “Glass City” of Jeannette, PA. A decorative glass company, they began specializing in the uses of highly durable borosilicate glass in 1976, and now Oceana is an industry leader, developing exquisite pieces for the kitchen, bath, tabletop, and more.

    Made famous by Oceana’s glistening kitchen sinks, their patented “Hard Roc” glass is one-of-a-kind, offering numerous amenities:

    • More scratch and stain resistant than stainless steel and porcelain
    • Non-porous and non-absorptive, making it resistant to common elements and many chemicals
    • Thermal shock resistant, withstanding temperature changes between 0° and 212° F
    • Hygienic and easy to clean
    • Green and lead-free, made from recycled glass
    • IAPMO (International Association of Plumbers and Mechanical Officials) Certified

    In a wide spectrum of colors, you don’t have to have the coffers of a king to enjoy the rare beauty and luxury of an Oceana glass bathroom sink. JSG Oceana offers products that will fit any budget.

    Oceana Glass Bathroom Sinks for the Kitchen: What Made JSG Oceana Famous

    Oceana kitchen sinks launched the wave of JSG Oceana fame when the durable, high-art sinks caught the imaginations of kitchen remodelers around the country.

    Each Ocean glass bathroom sink made with exclusive Hard Roc Glass boasts numerous features:

    • Drop-in and Undermount sink designs
    • 17 dazzling colors
    • 3 ½” drain with removable stainless steel basket
    • Island sink, vegetable sink, or double bowl applications
    • IAPMO and UPC/CUPC Approved
    • Generous bowl dimensions and depth
    • Enhanced glass thickness at rim and drain
    • Easy to clean and stain-free
    • Manufacturer defects warranty

    Oceana Glass Bathroom Sinks Are Just as Fashionable as Functional

    JSG Oceana’s line of sinks includes a variety of prism-like bathroom sinks to delight and complement the décor of any bathroom, each one shimmering with a variety of functional and stylish features:

    • A wide variety of styles and shapes, from glass vessel sinks to elegant pedestal designs, or more traditional drop-in and undermount models
    • Outer-rim sizes ranging from 12″ vessel styles to 19 ½” undermount/drop-in combination sinks
    • Generous bowl depth
    • Memorable finishes that glisten like a transparent sea, or more opaque finishes in gold, platinum, blue, and more
    • Scratch, stain, and thermal shock resistant
    • IAPMO and UPC/CUPC Approved
    • Manufacturer defects warrantee on all products
    • A variety of installation types
    • Free-formed and traditional rims

    Some bowls are formed so no two designs are alike, while other Oceana glass bathroom sinks are more standardized in the production process. But each model will shine like the Hope Diamond as the main centerpiece of your home.

    Infusion Kitchen and Bath Offers Oceana Glass Bathroom Sinks to Crown Your Powder Room

    Find the entire line of unique, mouth-watering Oceana glass bathroom sinks in your local showroom. With speedy service and competitive prices, you’ll be adorning your home kitchen or bathroom with one (or more) of these beauties in no time.

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