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MTI Baths
Enjoy countless options for luxury tubs and bathroom remodeling accessories from MTI baths, bathroom design brought to you by Infusion Kitchen and Bath.

    MTI Baths and Bathroom Design at Infusion Showrooms: Bathe In Luxury and Unlimited Options

    When it comes to luxury bathtub selection, MTI is hard to beat. With more than 150 models of tubs to choose from, all products are handcrafted in the USA and created to fit the needs of any customer.

    MTI baths are also completely customizable, well beyond the wide selection of preconfigured models and packages. From artistic elements to simple, utilitarian models, MTI has something for everyone.

    At the top of bath remodeling innovations, MTI offers three main tub collections, including your choice of a variety of installation types, materials, and features:

    Boutique Collection: Combining high-end design with function, each Boutique model is a “work of art” that will become the centerpiece of your bathroom, and the sanctum of your household. Crafted from Engineered Solid Stone™ (ESS), a mixture of ground natural minerals and binding agents, you can see and feel the lasting craftsmanship. The Boutique Collection also offers soakers or air bath options. Because of ESS, MTI’s Boutique products are also “green”, non-porous, and stain and mildew-resistant.

    Designer Collection: Of all MTI’s collections, the Designer line offers the greatest variety of shapes and sizes. Created using Lucite® high-gloss cast acrylic, you can specify most Designer tubs as soakers, air baths, whirlpool baths, or combination whirlpool/air baths in nine pre-designed packages, or as custom orders. Each Designer acrylic bath shell is highly scratch and stain resistant with a porous, hygienic surface, and is available in more than 20 colors. Accompanied by a Lifetime Residential Warranty, these tubs are truly meant to last.

    MTI Basics: For simple function without compromising quality, the MTI BASICS line is an ideal choice. At MTI, attractive BASICS tubs are made of Lucite® cross-linked acrylic, with an easy to clean, scratch and stain resistant surface. Enjoy variety with a wide selection of popular shapes and sizes, as well as soaker, air bath, and whirlpool options. MTI BASICS tubs are also water-tested, quality-inspected, and come with a 2-year residential warranty.

    With MTI Baths, Bathroom Design Options Are Endless

    MTI doesn’t stop at tub design. Countless customizable options and accessories for your new tub include:

    Slim-Line Integrated Overflow, which allows overflow to be positioned higher than conventional tubs, helping avoid water spillage without full submersion comfort.

    Whirlpool Cleaning Systems, designed with MTI’s signature Fill-Flush® and Simple Touch® cleaning systems, keep your whirlpool water fresh and hygienic.

    MTI also specializes in a variety of hydrotherapy-based options:

    Chromatherapy positively affects human bio-rhythms and life equilibrium. MTI chromatherapy employs a digitally controlled underwater LED lighting system that directs an enchanting display of colors at the press of a button.

    Audiotherapy is a time-tested form of therapy that soothes the soul. MTI’s Stereo H20® transforms your tub into a personal healing, hydro-sound system.

    Thermal Therapy by MTI offers inline water heating systems and Radiance® surface heating options as part of the Designer line to maximize the full-body healing benefits of hot water.

    Infusion Showrooms Offer a Full Line of MTI Baths, Bath Design Options, and More!

    Infusion Kitchen and Bath makes it easy to mix and match with MTI’s full line of products at your local showroom. Enjoy competitive choice and speedy shipping anywhere within the continental US.
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