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InSinkErator kitchen remodels are complete with food disposal systems that make every kitchen cleaner & more efficient, from Infusion Showrooms.

    InSinkErator: Kitchen Remodels Need the Best in Food Waste Disposal Systems

    Remodeling your kitchen means making the right choices because you will have to live with them for years. One of the best ways to make your kitchen cleaner, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly is to install a built-in food waste disposal system. Luckily, America is home to the world leader in household food waste systems-InSinkErator kitchen remodels.

    Since 1927, InSinkErator has pioneered food waste disposal systems. Today, the company that is proudly “Born in Racine, Built in America” manufactures the world’s best-selling built-in garbage disposal systems for every home kitchen and has offices in more than 80 countries worldwide.

    Why Are InSinkErator Disposers So Popular? Clean Value!

    Every kitchen produces food waste and food waste disposal problems. Garbage in your kitchen is messy and attracts pests and germs. And of all the kitchen chores, no one likes taking out the garbage. It’s smelly, messy, and the path to the dumpster is often running over with sweltering rain. Making matters worse, household garbage fills city landfills and creates long-term pollution.

    A built-in food waste disposal system eliminates all of these problems. Food waste from coffee grounds to chicken bones is pulverized and flushed instead of dumped into a landfill. You’ll save time and money and forever avoid the mess of disposing of food waste.

    InSinkErator food disposal systems are easy to install and operate and will give you peace of mind for years to come that your kitchen is clean and hygienic. Every model in InSinkErator’s extensive product line offers the following trademarked features:

    • Dura-Drive™ Induction Motors are powerful and made in-house to ensure long performance and life.
    • Quick Lock™ Sink Mounts make installing your food disposal system as easy as twist-on, twist-off.
    • We Come to You™ In-Home Service Warranty offers worry-free service for up to 3 years.

    InSinkErator Delivers Hi-Tech Peace of Mind with the Evolution and Badger Series

    Infusion Kitchen and Bath offers InSinkErator’s best products, including the Evolution Excel. One of the company’s best sellers worldwide, the Evolution Excel features multi-grind technology that grinds waste in 3 separate stages to obliterate virtually any food waste.

    SoundSeal Plus™ technology makes your new InSinkErator silent enough for you to hold a normal conversation while eliminating food waste. Other features of the Evolution Excel include automatic jam sensors, an ultra-large 40-ounce stainless steel grind chamber, and a 1-horsepower Dura-Grind® motor made in the USA. The Evolution Excel is available with or without a power cord.

    InSinkErator’s Badger Series of in-home food disposal systems gives you more options for your kitchen remodels. Offering economical features and streamlined design, InSinkErator’s Badger disposals are tough enough to stand up to heavy duty use. Made with Galvanized steel construction and with reliable Dura-Grind® motors, these Badgers are a great value.

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