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For that special touch of elegance & high fashion, Infusion Kitchen and Bath offers a complete line of Brizo kitchen faucets.

    Brizo Kitchen Faucets Feature High Fashion and Innovation

    When sophisticated people think of the innovative marriage of fashion and function, they think of Brizo, “the household fashion label” known for its innovative and beautiful faucets and accessories. And Infusion Kitchen and Bath brings you the complete line of Brizo kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, and showerheads.

    Brizo is a Scandinavian company that takes its inspiration from the fashion and design communities. Committed to many environmental and humanitarian causes, Brizo is also the primary sponsor of fashion designer Jason Wu. In 2013, Brizo was an EPA Water Sense Partner of the Year.

    Brizo kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, showerheads, and accessories all highlight the company’s inventive technology and sense of style. Brizo faucets feature one or all of these exclusive innovations:

    • SmartTouch Technology allows water activation with a touch, freeing your hands so you can concentrate on cooking.
    • Magnedock Technology is a magnetic docking system that holds the spray wand in place when not in use so you never have to struggle to spray water where you want when you want.
    • Diamond™ Seal Technology uses a diamond-coated ceramic disc inside the faucet to eliminate the need for lubricant, dramatically increasing the life of your faucet.
    • Hands-Free Technology by Brizo takes electronic faucets one step further by using triangulation for more consistent, dependable water flow when you need it.
    • Brillance Finishes give Brizo kitchen faucets a like-new look for the entire life of the product by creating an indestructible finish using Physical Vapor Deposition in the manufacturing process.

    Brizo Bath Faucets and Showerheads Upgrade Your Bathroom for the Future

    Brizo bath faucets and accessories feature the same innovative spirit as their quality Brizo kitchen faucets. Your bath and shower experience will never be the same after you experience the benefits of Brizo technology in the bath.

    • TempIQ Temperature Control Technology has a LED light display to tell you when your shower or bath has reached the ideal temperature and resists sudden changes in water temperature.
    • WaterSense Technology lowers the financial and environmental cost of water consumption by using 20% less water without losing performance.
    • H2OKinetic Shower Technology controls your shower water’s shape, velocity, and thermal dynamics to create a more satisfying shower experience.
    • Sensori Thermostatic Valving Technology delivers water lavishly, delivering 12 gallons per minute at 60 pounds per square inch for the most invigorating shower you can imagine.
    • Tempassure Thermostatic Valving Technology automatically adjusts water temperature in the shower to maintain precisely set water temperature.

    Infusion Kitchen and Bath Brings You Fashionable Design and High Technology with Brizo Kitchen Faucets

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