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Bellwith Keeler
Out with the old and in with new innovative Bellwith Keeler kitchen remodeling ideas from Infusion Kitchen and Bath, providing unique lighting systems and custom decorative hardware.

    Bellwith Keeler Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Infusion Showrooms Open the Door to Excellence

    Bellwith Keeler’s peerless craftsmanship and manufacturing quality are founded on the most important tenets of decorative hardware: form, fit, and function. Known for their artistically rendered cabinetry and door hardware, Bellwith Keeler designs give your home the added sensory flair that only a Keeler product can provide.

    Give Your Cabinet a Makeover with Bellwith Keeler Decorative Hardware

    Decorative cabinet hardware such as pulls, knobs, hinges, and hooks are also designed for doors and window applications. Bellwith Keeler excels in producing a variety designs from ornate to modern, and in 30 different finishes, including:

    • Glass with Chrome
    • Vintage Bronze
    • Satin Dover
    • Winchester Brass
    • Antique Pearl Nickel
    • Cast Iron
    • Antique Pewter
    • Oil-rubbed Bronze
    • Yorkshire, Satin, and Polished Brassque
    • Wrought Iron
    • And many more!

    Illuminate the Best Features of Your Home Keeler Light Integrated Trim

    Light Integrated Trim (LIT) is Bellwith Keeler’s latest innovation. A modular lighting strip system designed to infuse design, finish, and lighting functionality with any decorative space, LIT systems are easy to install and versatile.

    Constructed with architectural hardware artistry and finish, special housing strips and strip connectors allow adjoining lines of any length to illuminate multiple surfaces in your home. Similar to neon lighting strips, the LIT system is affordable and safe with low voltage, highly efficient light, and 50,000 hours of life. Use your LIT system for any of the following indoor and outdoor applications:

    • Crown and Ceiling Molding
    • Under Cabinet Lighting
    • Backsplash
    • Baseboard Trim
    • Railings and Staircases
    • Mantles and Shelving
    • Walkway and Stair Lighting
    • Art and Curio Showcasing
    • Decking
    • Cover and Recessed Ceiling Lighting

    Infusion Showroom Brings Bellwith Keeler Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Your Home

    Get all Bellwith Keeler products at your local Infusion Kitchen and Bath Showroom at the best prices, and delivered with the best service.

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